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I read this and thought ‘wow that’s nice, I should reblog it’.Then I stopped, and I read it again. Word by word, thinking hard about how I can actually apply this to my life. I’ve read it about 50 times now and I still can’t get it out of my head; what if we all did this? What if we forgot about fights, sadness, arguments, anger, and embarrassment? What if we lived for the small things and forgot about everything else?Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying we should ignore important things in life or live with ‘no regrets’. All I’m saying is that it really is true; at the end of the day, all that we should really be thinking about is the little things that made us happy, even if it was for a mere second. 


this is one of my favourite quotes

this is amazing. seriously. im going to start trying to apply this to my life every single day because this is so amazing and i think we all could learn from this quote and make ourselves a happier person!

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Bonjour!! After the success of my last giveaway, I’ve decided to do another! Again, three lucky winners will each get one of the three lovely prizes! Summer is right around the corner and so I thought that the first prize should be a pair of Ray Bans which can be either sunglasses or eyeglasses! The winner will decide color, style, and size and (after winning) will message their choice to me and I will buy the glasses and pay for the shipping! The second prize is a $50 American Express card for winner #2 to buy whatever their little hearts desire from wherever their little hearts desire! The third prize is a J.Crew baseball cap of their choosing! Must reblog this post (likes dont count, I’m sorry!) and be following me and you’ll automatically be entered! Also, message me “DOUBLEVISION” to see how to get twice as many entries for however many times you reblog this post! Giveaway ends May 10th and the more you reblog this, the more you’ll be entered! Good luck to each and every one of you and have a great day! Xo Kate

“Well, I’m kind of an urban girl, I like big cities. I like New York, I like London, I like L.A. I like people, I get lonely, really, really easily. But I think it was good, It was very different and I think that’s good.”

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